Thursday, June 4, 2015

Adventures in Sedona

Where to begin?!

Woke at 5:30 so I could get out to Red Rock Crossing Park early to catch the best light. It takes about 40 minutes to get there...

Arrived. Closed. Open at 8. Shoot!!!

Ate breakfast and coffee in the car and then cleaned the car.... Until 8.

I'd painted here before, when I took a Plein air workshop through the Sedona Art Center with William Scott Jennings. We painted at this spot, along the river looking up at Cathedral Rock.

But today... The river was FULL! All along the banks you couldn't see the Cathedral. I walked every which way.... Nothing. I had to cross the river. 

With my pochade backpack, my tripod, my umbrella AND my coffee... I climbed around trying to find a way to cross. 20 minutes of ducking under trees and poking around, nothing. I knew I'd have to go through. 

Pants rolled up. Coffee held high. I waded through a rushing river, only to just under my knees... to a rocky bank with a perfect view!!

Perfect spot! People started arriving and many couldn't figure how I got where I was... I said walk on through! Your shoes will dry! None did.

I caught the morning light despite all the hiccups - the colors were beautiful!

About half way through, a family walked by on the other side of the river. They said, excuse me lady... Just so you know, there is a snake right there. WHAT??!!! "I don't think it's poisonous" said the Dad. Oh, great. My not so little, 4' friend, slithered off..... First snake sighting!

Painting is great, super pleased. But only time for one today.

Wind. Crazy wind arrived. I was walking around town and everyone was taking cover in shops and then the dark clouds appeared. 20-64 mph. This I know because I took refuge in a gallery and the gallery employee looked it up :) 

I treated myself to a massage tonight, felt wonderful after hauling about my painting equipment, my luggage duffel and my electric cooler for 3 weeks. I needed it.

My plan is to squeak in a painting in the morning and then head WEST. As I'm eating dinner now, 8:45, and drinking a delicious Cucumber Margarita- we'll see....

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