Monday, November 15, 2010

Illustration Adventure

A great project came my way this summer and it has truly been an adventure. So many parts of it have been new... it's a totally digital illustration, it's for the food-beverage-vitamin industry and I got to design the packaging as well! Crazy cool, no?

The concept from the beginning was a strong, beautiful woman, a Goddess. She would be admiring a bounty of grapes on a rolling hill vineyard.

After a bit of loose sketching I did some funny photos, trying to capture how the Goddess might sit or kneel in a vineyard. I'd set the timer on the camera and then dash over to grab the grapes and pose. Many of the photos have my dog walking past me or sniffing the grapes! Let me just say how happy I am that we have digital photos and I did not have to send in film so some photo tech could look at all these ridiculous shots! To be cont'd....