Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sleeping Lady Awakens...

Excited to share with you that Street Painting is returning to San Rafael!
Also, super excited to announce that the festival has requested to use one of my murals as their theme for the return of the Italian Street Painting Marin: "The Sleeping Lady Awakens." 

An extra bonus for this festival, I've painted this image in oil on canvas
and it will be available for Auction at the festival! Everyone always asks "isn't it sad to create these beautiful murals only to have them washed away?" Well, here is your opportunity to take one home. 
June 29 & 30th, come to San Rafael for the Italian Street Painting Marin event!

Monday, May 6, 2013

SJ Artbox: my utility box mural

So happy to be a participating artist for one of San Jose's painted utility boxes and I am thrilled too that I got to paint one in my neighborhood ;)

4 days and 3 with insane May heat! = I met a lot of locals and sweet people who would stop by to find out what I was doing or others would honk and wave and yell good job. I really appreciated that!

In 2008 I created a street mural with chalk as a featured artist in San Rafael of the 'Goddess of Mt. Tamalpais.' To be considered for the Artbox program I had to submit past artwork, so I included the 'Goddess' piece in addition to a few other paintings.

They asked me if I could paint the 'Goddess' but make it about San Jose instead of Marin and San Francisco.

I decided to celebrate the landmarks of San Jose, Willow Glen, our mountain range (with Lick Observatory) and have her as the 'Goddess of Mt. Hamilton.'

In her hands she holds the moon, a vessel, and pours stars over San Jose and our 'Valley of Hearts Delight' as Willow Glen is known.

This was such a great experience. I'd love to do more public murals :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 2: Color Blocking

Another HOT day! Fighting the paint as it wanted to dry and skin up from the heat, but I won :) Great progress with some large shape color-blocking. Feels good to see it begin to take shape.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let the Color Begin

Up early to beat the heat! Taped all the hinges and locks so they will still function and got the background color covered. Working in shifts since it's already 91! #SJartbox #utilitybox #sanjose #citymural