Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bye bye paintings!

An exciting and sad and happy day. The original, large painting for Starbucks and the new painting for Starbucks, were both picked up today! They are gone!

The large one will be installed in the corporate office for Starbucks in San Francisco.
This new one will go in the local Willow Glen store.

Starbucks, progress!

Really enjoyed painting this new neighborhood piece for Starbucks!

I predominately paint in oils these days so the beginning of a new piece, in acrylic, is always a mind tickle. In oil you paint a certain way and in acrylic, it's just different. It dries fast for one thing. You don't get that creamy blending like you do in oil either. The colors dry differently than they look when they are wet, so there is always this balance and guessing and estimating what you will end up with!

I love painting with both though and the fact that acrylic does dry fast, is easy to clean, and can be layered endlessly is wonderful.

Here's a partial peek at the newest painting for Starbucks. I like adding in little creatures or funny items that can delight the customer. Numerous times I've observed a child pointing out to their parents a heart shaped spot on a dog I've painted, like they discovered something secret. In this new painting I've done the same. Little surprises here and there. I'm super happy!