Monday, July 26, 2010

The Illustration Conference! ICON6

Spending 4-5 days with some of the most talented and hard working illustrators in the industry always leaves me inspired, awed and ready to paint!

This was the 4th ICON conference that I've attended and each has had it's own personality and focus. The industry changes; evolves with advancements in technology or reacts to politics and culture and this conference had a bent towards animation and the advent of the iPad ;)

Session speakers and workshops varied from Tim Biskup, Thomas Blackshear, Todd Oldham, Dreamworks and Disney, to the Clayton Brothers. Something for everyone and all were generous, informative and inspiring.

Pasadena was lovely beyond words. Anything in the Bungalow/Arts and Crafts movement/cottage realm and I'm in heaven! Plus a block of time to saturate myself in beautiful art with concepts and cleverness is a true gift.