Monday, June 21, 2010

Fair Weather

Still putting paintings and products away, stepping over lights and step stools and wondering how I'll ever put the studio back together again. I'm craving order!

The Marin Art Festival was this past weekend; a beautiful venue with really good art and some stellar people watching! My first 2 day fair, this one is especially nice because the tents and the walls are set up for you. How amazing is that? All you do is show up, set up shop and hang out for 2 days of great live music, sunshine and ideally sell, sell, sell.

I enjoy listening to the different (or same) comments about nice color, strong women... all the different things people enjoy about my work. The cutting boards were once again a major hit but oddly not a great seller. At a past Festival, same price point but 2 years ago... I completely sold out of the cutting boards - so you just don't know!

Thank you to family and friends for making it to the Festival! We'll see if I do this again!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just spent another wonderful weekend creating art! June 12-13 was the Youth in Arts, Italian Street Painting Festival and my 13th year as a Chalk Muralist.

It was HOT! and for once I was grateful to have been placed in the 'wind-chunnel' as we call A Street in San Rafael. There are tall buildings on each side of the street and each year around 2pm it becomes a flurry of trash, wind and a lot of chalk dust. But THIS year, it was just a nice, refreshing breeze!

I have 2 fabulous nieces who are each wonderful little artists. One began 'assisting' me when she was 6 months old. This year though, the younger of the two helped for the first time. Here she is with the proof on her hands. Both of them helped me on my mural, creating lovely mottled wild flower hills in the lower corners of the mural.

I heard a lot of "wow, look at the colors" and "oh, look, an owl!" over the weekend... I am pretty happy with the piece and look forward to painting it again, in oil, in my studio.