Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have you any wool?

The wool theme was a hit, so why not go full sheep right?

I have to say, I love my corn. I love my sheep, too. This piece makes me smile.

Also, the woman has changed. The client requested all the women in the product line should be based on the same woman, so we went with my original 'goddess' woman with flowing hair... only her hair could switch from left to right, and from auburn to brown and black. I was very happy with this decision as the "goddess" woman is from an earlier painting of mine that the client related to in the first place. It seems fitting that her color, strength and beauty (which lead to this client/illustrator relationship) become the central force to these illustrations. This is the final illustration.

Do your knees crack?

The second product line for the freelance project was for joint help... so we came up with a woman in a yoga pose, highlighting the major joints.

Here is the original concept sketch on a thumbnail of the packaging shape.
One of the main ingredients in the product was derived from wool (how interesting!) so a later sketch I made showed a woman, in a yoga pose, rising above a fluff of wool. Yeah, wool.

Neither of these sketches would make it to the final illustration.